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It is finally here! A way to expand your business, improve customer relationships and showcase your products by never having to leave your office! All of these benefits are at your fingertips if you apply our own custom made electronic catalog to your business. This one of a kind exceptional business tool was created by in order to assist a business like yours do business in the most effective and efficient way possible.


Our B2B E-Catalog is unlike any other E-Catalog . It has many outstanding features that set it apart from the rest of the Electronic Catalogs currently available. The expert staff of ItalianModa invested the time needed to develop this one of a kind catalog soley to fill the needs of the Textile and Fashion Industry! The E-Catalog is a revolutionary business tool that only needs a PC and an Internet Connection to function! This innovation in E-Catalogs will change the way that you do business forever!

Why is ours the best?

You are able to personalize your company Catalog! You have the option to create your own categories, item sheets, description data as well as the coloring and logo of your catalog. No two catalogs are exactly alike, but they share the same standard interface and this makes much easier how to use it for any customer!

If you are the lucky owner of this Catalog you may display a limited or unlimited amount of merchandise on your catalog! In fact you can rent or buy the Platform, your choice. In both case you don't get just a "best-of-breed" piece of software: you get a full-featured Business Tool receiving an oustanding exposure to professional traffic of potential customers coming from PakistanTex and all the other B2B Marketplaces of the ItalianModa Network!

Our Catalog not only lets you display your products on-line, it also allows you to accept and fulfill orders. The archive function stores the history of your purchase orders, making it easy to keep track of all your business transactions.

It is easy to display items such as shoes, apparel, accessories, leather goods, as well as fabrics on our E-Catalog. Fabrics can even be displayed in their actual size!

As you understand when dealing with Textile and Fashion products Sampling is exterely important! Our Catalog allows your customers to request sample orders and pay for them if you wish. By collecting these orders on-line you can dramatically decrease the amount of lead-time on an order!

Each of your products can have its own personalized description. By simply clicking on one of the displayed items you get a full description of the item's price, size range, colorways available, quality and purchase information, as well as additional products you may want to suggest to the Catalog's user. You also have the option of adding any further information that you wish to display about particular products.

Ordering is Easy! All of an item's colorways and sizes are shown on one page, so all the ordering can be done quickly and effeciently.

One can manage their own Catalog! No need to worry about who is viewing your catalog because our catalog recognizes customers! The first time a person logs into your catalog you can choose the items that they are able to view! You then will get an description of their log-in information so YOU can decide if you want them to have access to your catalog!

A large amount of traffic through your Catalog! Your Catalog with automatically be included on PakistanTex with easy access to customers. This is a great way for you to receive countless prospect customers! More, completely FREE, your Catalog will be processed by the exclusive StyleDisplay service at PakistanTex and select products from your Catalog will be quickly made available to the searches run in the PakistanTex Marketplace.


Special Features

Navigating the Catalog is easy by using our special features. There are three modes in which one can navigate the CatAlog:

Normal Mode - this allows a customer to view all the items in the Catolog

Search Mode - a customer can save time by running a search for a specific item that they may be looking for.

Wish List Mode - This is a one of a kind feature that only our E-Catalog has to offer. By entering the wish list mode your customers can create their own personalized Catalogs, displaying only the items that they choose to see. If a customer wants to reorder an item or if they wish to order a particular item at a later date all they have to do is save it in their own customized Wish-List. Once they have done this they can access it at anytime!

A customer can alos send an E-Mail directly to your company about any of their products in their Wish-List! This is an easy way for your company to develop a better business relationship with clients.


Other Benefits

Your business is now portable! All one needs to display their products is a PC and an Internet connection. It is that simple!

Saving time, improving your customer relationships and expanding your business has never been this easy... until now!

How can my business get an E-Catalog?

Improving the way you do business is easy...There are two options for acquiring our E-Catalog platform for your business.

The first option is to purchase the E-Catalog. If you decide to puechase our E-Catalog the only expense that you will have after our initial low price is an annual hosting fee. However you can choose your host! ItalianModa would be happy to host your catalog, but the choice is yours!

ItalianModa also offers a rental option. For a low annual fee your businees can have the FULL benefits of our E-Catalog! Your company will be able to display as many as 150 products at a time or as few as 20.

The best part is that whether you decide to purchase or rent our e-catalog, your company still manages the entire thing!

If you are seriously interested in getting more info about our B2B Electronic Catalog platform for the Textile-Fashion-Leather industry feel free to ask for more details and a quotation.

You can have a look at some E-Catalogs (registration is required before entering) from leading Italian fashion companies clicking here.



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