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PakistanTex is the leading "business-to-business" Marketplace where professional buyers can find, select, and make contact with qualified Pakistani Manufacturers or Suppliers of any type of merchandise related to Yarns, Fabrics, Clothing, Knitwear, Fashion Accessories, Linens, Leather Goods, and Footwear, including all related Services.

Use PakistanTex to help you find new Suppliers of valuable Pakistani products at lower than wholesale prices absolutely FREE. PakistanTex is a real Business Marketplace already used by national, as well as, international buyers of fashion and textile professionals just like yourself.

Besides offering you advanced business tools to help you to find and contact Pakistani Suppliers, PakistanTex has deployed some of the most cutting-edge business E-Services that enable you to start doing business directly online NOW, including Electronic Catalogs (named "Business Stores") and an Auction System where you can bid on surplus stocks of quality "made in Pakistani" merchandise.

PakistanTex is not about the latest fashion trends or gossip. The Marketplace delivers REAL Business Tools to generate REAL PROFITS!

PakistanTex's founder, Maurizio Verga, has created PakistanTex from the same highly successful business model as the original, "", quoted by one of the world's leading financial papers, THE FINANCIAL TIMES, as "one of Europe's most influential business-to-business marketplaces".

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The PakistanTex Marketplace is an incredible Business Tool beneficial for any national or international shop, boutique, wholesaler, importer, manufacturing company, retail chain, or department store who wants to save time and money by finding the best Pakistani Clothing or Textile Suppliers in just one place.

The PakistanTex Marketplace eliminates the inconvenience and expenses of traveling by making available every business tool needed to do business with Suppliers from start to finish! From locating new Suppliers, to viewing their product lines, requesting samples, to bidding on surplus auctions, everything necessary to purchase excellent goods or services at unbelievable low prices are now available in the comfort of your home or office 24/7!

The PakistanTex Marketplace is a must for any professional Buyer desiring to obtain any type of Textile or Apparel-related Product or Service in Pakistan. Learn more about your Benefits!


Just enter the PakistanTex Home Page and select one of the many Sections and Services available! As a possible Buyer, you can use PakistanTex completely Free!

No Registration is required for using the PakistanTex Services (except for STYLE Display), but we strongly recommend that you Register with PakistanTex in order to receive updates on new Services, new Business Opportunities, and new Suppliers. Register now!


You may choose from many tool options:

  • Run a Search in the PakistanTex Company Database.
  • Browse the PakistanTex Directory and enter the most suitable Product Category to find a listing of all the related Suppliers.
  • Use the yellow "E-Mail" button below each listed company to send a Business Request.
  • Use the "SEND a Request" button found in the left column after each Search or in the Product Category listing in the Directory.
  • Use the contact tools available in the Showroom of each company.
  • Use the "Pakistan Advisor" Form to ask the PakistanTex advisor for advice in making contact with the Pakistani Suppliers you are seeking.
  • Use the "QuoteQuest" Form to fill in a "Request for Quotation" that will be delivered to all the most pertinent Pakistani Suppliers.
  • Just send an E-Mail to PakistanTex with details as specific as possible regarding the type of merchandise you are interested in.

Register for the outstanding "STYLE Display" Service delivered to you by PakistanTex for Free! STYLE Display is t he Catalog of all of the individual Electronic Catalogs of Pakistani companies currently members of the Marketplace.

Simply run a search for a Product or Product Category and you will receive a listing of the closest matching items which will be automatically extracted from the Electronic Catalogs. This will allow you to quickly inspect each product, request additional information or make an offer for one or more products.

Visit the PakistanTex Auction System, where you can bid for great stocklots of surplus, overstocks, and lower quality "made in Pakistan" merchandise available at bargain prices! Registration is required before bidding.
Subscribe the PakistanTex Newsletter, a low-traffic Newsletter sent quarterly and packed with concise information about new PakistanTex Services, new Manufacturers, new Business Opportunities, and much more to create the most profitable business environment to do business with Pakistani Suppliers!
Feel free to ask our Staff for any additional info about how to use PakistanTex or how to locate and do business with Pakistani Suppliers: just send an E-Mail to:
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