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Get the most of out the Internet for your Business!
Advanced E-Business Solutions for the Textile and Fashion Industry, the Italian company who created PakistanTex and the ItalianModa Marketplaces, is the leading supplier of breakthrough E-Business Solutions for the Textile and Fashion industry.

  • "Business-to-Business" Electronic Catalogs (not to be mistaken for simple E-Commerce systems)
  • WEB COLORING: online WEB-based system to color designs, fabrics, and models
  • Industry-standard Marketplaces and Portals for Textile or Clothing Associations
  • Market Surveys and WEB Marketing to boost the Visibility and Business Opportunities of Textile or Fashion Companies
ELECTRONIC CATALOGS has developed an unique B2B Electronic Catalog platform for the Textile and Fashion industry, having over 30 installations in the highly competitive Italian market.

This is NOT a simple E-Commerce system to sell merchandise to Consumers, but a full-featured E-Business Tool able to increase dramatically your marketing and sales opportunities towards wholesale Buyers.

The system has been entirely designed by the pragmatic ItalianModa staff and it offers facilities to showcase products, collect sample requests and gather orders. Special versions have been developed to match specific requirements from niche markets like the Textile Design Bureaux.

The E-Catalog platform has also been used to power important projects for medium/large size companies or Associations (see, for example, VIGEVANO SHOES).

Priced at a fraction of the cost of equivalent B2B E-Catalog systems, this is the ultimate Business Tool for any Textile or Fashion company.

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This is the ultimate Tool for any Textile company wanting to cut down on the costs and time related to the sampling process, as well as offer a revolutionary way to allow the coloring of Designs, Fabrics and even Garments to Customers and Stylists placed remotely.

WEB COLORING is a terrific Marketing Tool able to make the customization of your product easier, quicker, and cheaper!

WEB COLORING is a completely new concept: it works 24 hour a day through the Internet and can use the images processed by virtually any Textile CAD software or imagining program. You can allow an unlimited amount of people to work on the same system to create new Colorways and ask for samples: you only need to buy the software once! You can even install WEB COLORING on your local network and let many people of your staff to work concurrently!

All a user needs is an Internet connection and a browser! (like MS internet explorer) The same browser that you are using to read this can be used to operate WEB COLORING!

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The technology originally developed for the ItalianModa Marketplace (now the largest and most visitated European B2B Textile Marketplace) is available to large corporations and associations willing to offer their customers or members a large range of basic or advanced services (including E-Catalogs, Auctions, Tenders) or information through an industry-standard platform.

Any Marketplace or Portal developed by ItalianModa is fully managed by the company or Association running it. Management is very easy and fully accomplished through a regular Internet connection.

ItalianModa offers consulting, training, and a full package of marketing/advertising actions to make your Marketplace highly visible and visited by your target visitors. See the VIGEVANO SHOES Marketplace as an example.

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ItalianModa has been developing an oustanding documented experience in Market Survey over the Internet and advanced B2B WEB Marketing techniques aimed at finding new customers, enhancing the company's visibility and brand awareness, and creating select traffic to be delivered to a WEB site.

ItalianModa serves the Textile and Fashion industry and it is able to fulfill the requirements coming from this type of companies.

If your company wants to increase its Internet visibility, find new customers, improve the brand awareness, increase the number of visitors to its WEB site, find new agents or resellers, ItalianModa has a solution for you.

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