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WEB COLORING: color Designs and Fabrics online!

The Ultimate Coloring Tool for the Textile Industry


WEB COLORING is a breakthrough in product development for the Textile Industry when it comes to Style. For the first time ever manufacturers can give their clients 24 hour access to their latest designs and fabrics for personal coloring and request of samples. Thanks to any type of computer and the Internet your customers can develop new colorways quickly from their own office. This is the chance for your business to dramatically save time and money, all while leaving your competiton in the dust ...



WEB COLORING is a cutting-edge WEB-based solution designed specifically for manufacturers in the Textile Industry. It allows a manufacturing company like yourself to let your customers create their own colorways of designs and fabrics thanks to an unprecedented array of coloring functions you cannot find in any high-end textile CAD system!

The coloring process is extremely fast and simple, but channeled within the technical constraints that your company is able apply to each design or fabric. Finally, all the new colorways created and selected by the customer are sent to your company under the form of an E-Mail document, as well being stored in the WEB COLORING database.

WEB COLORING does not elimimate the necessary sampling process, it optimizes it. By using the traditional sampling process much time and money is wasted on creating physical samples that often times are not what your customer envisioned them to be.

WEB COLORING allows you to display your fabrics and designs on-line 24 hours a day, making them available to your customers at their convienence. By using WEB COLORING your customers can create their colored samples in the comfort of their home or office. By being able to see the sample before requesting it much time and money is saved on your part. More, the customer may develop a large range of color combinations that could later turn into a higher volume of sales.

You as the manufacturer have complete control over your WEB COLORING system: your customers can only create a colorway sample of something that you can easily produce.

If you deal with ink-ket printing, WEB COLORING is your ultimate choice to exploit your investment at best and offer an oustanding service to your customers!


How can my Company Benefit from WEB COLORING?

There are numerous time and money saving benefits that can be yours by using WEB COLORING:

Save Time. Your customers have access to your company 24 hours a day! You can process sample orders more quickly and efficiently. Your customers can only request samples that you can produce, this speeds up the production process.

Save Money. All manufacturing companies invest a lot of money in the traditional sampling system. Most of the time manufacturers are forced to deal with customers that are unskilled in creating color combinations, this creates the problem of spending money in order to create samples for these clients, who often do not end up using them.

Less Physical Production. No more creating physical samples that go unused. Since your customer can see exactly what they want before requesting it, there is less production, now you can produce exactly what they want in a fraction of the time!

Better Customer Relationships. You have just become available to your customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! This allows your company to save time and money on time-comsuming phonecalls and reduce dramaticallythe number of mistakes and misunderstandings.

Share the Work. Let more people in your style staff create new color combinations on the same design or different ones, from their office desk or the comfort of their home! This is true remote working.

One WEB COLORING system may serve a large number of different customers! Simply purchase our software and service once and it can be used for all of your customers as well as your own staff. Companies with many stylists in different offices or locations will benefit dramatically by WEB COLORING: install it on an Internet or Intranet server and let numerous people to use it concurrently! Eliminate costly additional user licenses of desktop Textile CAD packages!


What kind of Software does my company need in order to efficiently use WEB COLORING?

NONE! All you need to operate WEB COLORING is any kind of computer and the Internet with a standard browser like MS Internet Explorer or Netscape, it is that simple. With the purchase of one WEB COLORING license an unlimited amount of people in your company can use the system all at the same time!

There is no high tech expensive software involved, just high tech results as well as unprecedented savings in time and money!

You will have exclusive access to the Administration part of your WEB COLORING system, here you can manage everything, by simply using your Internet connection: designs and fabrics, colors, coloring requests, authorized users as well as all the settings of youre actual system.


How can my Company get WEB COLORING?

SIMPLE! Acquiring the revolutionary WEB COLORING System for your company is easy.

There is an affordable one-time investment fee for the purchase of the user license, that allows you to give as many customers or staff as you want access to your company's system.

There is a small annual Hosting fee if you want to use the system through the Internet. ItalianModa would be happy to host your WEB COLORING system for you, but the choice is yours. You can even install WEB COLORING on a WEB Server of your organization to allow your staff to use it through the company's Intranet.

All the installation and set up procedures may be done remotely by our staff. The Administration module of WEB COLORING comes with extensive online Help Sections in order to reduce your training requirements. The whole system has been especially designed in order to allow you to manage the entire system in less than one hour!

Don't let this opportunity to save time and money pass you by, now is the time to change the way that you do business forever!


If you are seriously interested in getting more info about the WEB COLORING platform for the Textile and Apparel industry feel free to ask for more details and a quotation.

You can see and use WEB COLORING through our online Demo System. To get a Password just send us an E-Mail with all the data of your company (name, full address, your name and position, Tax or EIN code, phone number and E-Mail address). Unfortunately, requests with missing or unverifiable data won't be considered.


Coloring a real Fabric acquired by Scanner

Coloring the Fabric on the fly, remotely via Internet!

Fabric simulation with 3D effects from a Textile CAD software: color it on the WEB!

Knitted Fabric simulation generated by a Textile CAD software: ready to be colored remotely in less than 180 seconds!

Design for Printing from a Textile CAD system to be colored with breakthrough Tools!

Artwork models may be colored quickly and easily.

Even pictures of garments may be remotely colored by WEB COLORING!


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